Solon for Rent - Never do Busness when you see this name SRS Realty in Solon, OH

Solon, Ohio 0 comments

This gentlam of SRS Realty is a pure crook.I was trying to rent my house.

I posted my add on Craigslist and a prospective tenant shows up with interest in renting my property. Everything was fine except that we did not know what documentations go into renting legally a house. The owner of SRS Realty proposed to help my tenant. I was surprised that He wanted to charge me the first month rent for the service.

I asked him what is the charge for he would said for background check, for license application etc. My surprise was that this man collected a bunch of confusing non sense paper work claiming that it was a lease and had me and my tenant signed. On this paper there is no sign of any effort and He ended up suing us. We ended up paying because no one of us had time to go to court and unveil the scam of RSS Realty.

Man you won't imagine how some people have no heart.My advise is stay away from SRS Realty

Review about: Unscrupous Broker.

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